Do you use GitHub for a big group of developers?

Use Scope to analyze your team's workflow. Improve your team's productivity exponentially 🚀

Visualize what's happening withing your company

Scope reads the available git data and generates visualizations to easily understand your team workflow and insights. Be more efficient by reading everything you need in a single and simple dashboard.

Grow your business

Make better sprints, prioritize what's important and do retrospectings with better data. Manage better your team's time, give early response and resolve much better the problems. Give value to your company and team, improving processes and please your customers.

Improve the workflow

Eliminate disruptions inside your team. We know that manage large teams is difficult. Scope allows you to have a perfect view of your team's contributions and work habits. Read PRs, commits, merged code, reviews and tests done by your entire team.

Promote the use of good practices

It is very important that your team is organized properly and that there is a standard for generating code. At Scope, we encourage the use of labeling, pull-request and code revision systems.

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