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Frequently asked

What do I need to use Scope?

For the moment, Scope is only integrated with GitHub & GitHub Enterprise, so you will have to use this services to stock your repositories. We are working hard and fast to integrate others SCMs. If you are using GitHub, you can simply try Scope now!

Do you offer monthly plans?

Our payment plans are based on annual payments. If it is in your interest to pay a monthly fee, the price of each repository is increased by 20% each month. If you'd interested, please, write us.

Do you need my credit card details to try Scope?

No, we won't ask for your credit card details.

What is included in the Pro Plan?

All the potential of the software is included but with only 3 months of data availability. You can sign in and discover it by yourself with 2 repositories!

What programming languages does Scope support?

Scope is programming language agnostic!

Is my data secure?

At Scope, we take your security seriously. A number of steps are taken to generate the best results while keeping your data secure. Scope does not have a server-side, and it's not able to read data of any kind. All the analysis is executed in your own browser (client-side). Also, all of your data is stored in the SCM you use to host your repositories, we do not store any of it. Please, read about our Security and our Privacy Policy for more information.

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