Make your contributions visible and
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Scope helps software engineers to better understand their work and how their teammates are doing to .
Stop wasting your time in meetings that only interrupts your workflow and starts using your time effectively with data-driven metrics.

Scope for Managers

Increase your Impact

Counting lines of code is not a measure of the impact you have at your company. Traditional methods of measuring productivity make it hard to track deletion of code and high performance work done in few lines of code. Scope’s visualizations help software developers to see where their code is having the greatest impact.

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Discover better Processes

Periodically being asked to update other engineers and coworkers can decrease productivity. Scope’s dashboard allows you to communicate progress to the entire team without disrupting your workflow.

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Scope for CTOs

Be more Effective

Have data to support your contributions so you can discus improvements using facts rather than opinions. Charts and graphs allow you to waste less time explaining your code to your team.

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Inveert increased its PR production cycle 23% over 4 months.

With Scope, our team has increased its PR production cycle by 23%. The insights and statistics urge the teams to push more code and to review faster. A a Product Lead, Scope has also helped us to stablish better and secure goals based in our company reality.


Alberto - Lead Developer at Inveert

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Z1 Digital used metrics to decrease its Review Time 27% over 6 months.

The Velocity Panel helped us to improve our PR cycle time by reducing the time our engineers take to review other's work. We are using Scope as a metrics-oriented culture of communication and our engineers are more motivated gamifying their processes.


Ivan - Engineer Lead at Z1 Digital

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Scope helped VyooTrip to identify technical debt hidden costs.

By going very fast, we were realizing that every time we produced the technical debt was increasing. By motivating the team to review more and better, the technical debt rate dropped dramatically. We are creating a better review culture thanks to Scope.


Antonio - CEO at VyooTrip

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