Z1 Digital used Scope data and visualizations to decrease its Review Cycle Time.

Ivan - Engineer Lead at z1.digital


Ivan realized that the reviews were taking too much time.

Ivan moved away from the code and began to manage his different teams from a distance. At this time, the processes began to be a little diffuse.

The size of the PRs began to be higher, which interrupted the workflow creating much more overwhelming review requests, which increased the time considerably.

"We were creating too many tasks and the review backlog was filled every day," says Ivan. "The problem began to increase when the weekly goals began to stop being met."

The team of developers began to be unmotivated since the production was not the expected. The teams were losing confidence in themselves, which generated worse communication and vision between them. "We needed a code analytics tool since we were losing data on the workflow of the PRs.".


Ivan from z1.digital

Scope metrics helped us to create an better culture of communication.

Much of the problem was that the team's communication was not aimed at improving the workflow, but at finishing tasks.

With Scope reports, the team began to gamify the review process. "Engineers were forced to reduce the size of PRs if they wanted to improve review times."

By reducing the size of tasks, "engineers increased motivation, improved communication and are creating a better culture about the process of creating and reviewing code in the company."

At that time, our productivity days increased considerably. Scope's statistical system helps determine who is increasing their productivity with respect to previous tranches, urging partners to motivate each other. It is a positive culture from which we all benefit.

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