VyooTrip was able to detect the hidden costs of technical debt.

Antonio - CEO at VyooTrip.com


Antonio was realizing that the costs of remaking things were being high.

Antonio was having serious problems in identifying the work that the VyooTrip development team was doing. "Not being familiar with the code, I was detecting that the number of tasks that had to be performed again was increasing".

This was generating high technical debt costs. By going so fast out of necessity, aligning the company's objectives with those of development became increasingly complex, which demotivated the product teams and the CEO himself.

"We were not devoting all the necessary time to correctly review the work of others, which was creating quite a lot of problems in the code structure," says Antonio.

VyooTrip has had part of its development outsourced to another company, so aligning all the company's roadmaps became extremely difficult. "We began to disorganize by not clearly aligning the objectives of all the key parts of the company."


Antonio from VyooTrip.com

Scope has helped us to create a better review culture.

By beginning to work with clearer and structured data, we set goals that were more in line with the company's vision. The team was motivated and the processes began to be more agile.

The team of developers began to have more defined objectives, so the tasks began to be performed with much more dynamism. "The reviews began to take more weight within the company and this dramatically decreased the level of repetitive tasks on the same features."

With this, we managed to increase productivity by more than 25%. Reading simple data within the Scope Dashboard allows us to clearly identify the tasks that are slowing the team down the most and allows me to reorganize the tasks if things start to go wrong, says Antonio. "Now, we have a better review culture thanks to Scope metrics".

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