Inveert Improved PR Cycle Time with Metrics aimed at Achieving Objectives.

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Alberto discovered that his junior teammates were generating too large PRs.

When Alberto took on the challenge of becoming Inveert's Lead Developer, he encountered some difficulties in setting some goals with the rest of his teammates.

He began to realize that most of his fellow junior engineers were creating too large tasks, generating a dynamic of slowing down in the cycle of creating PRs and revisions.

"We were consolidating objectives in terms further away from those proposed, which generated some uncertainty in the personal growth of our new partners," says Alberto.

With the metrics, we started knowing the estimated time of all our tasks - "in the end, we made the task flow much faster, creating a climate of greater communication within the team."


Alberto from

Scope metrics helped us to create a better PR cycle time.

The metrics provided by Scope allowed us to create a better dynamic when creating tasks. The flow of PRs has increased considerably, speeding up the review process, which has allowed us to consolidate our objective structure.

A a Lead Developer, the goal is for my colleagues to directly visualize their progress on the Scope Dashboard. These metrics encourage them to create better code, since the communication dynamics have improved a lot.

"Since last 4 months, we have managed to meet all the objectives we have set in the sprints, the juniors begin to perform tasks with greater impact on the code and the rest of the team is consolidating a better code structure."

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