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Improve your team's productivity

Scope turns data from pull requests, commits, and reviews into valuable metrics.


Use data to drive your decision-making

Scope gives you the necessary visibility into the software development workflow to make correct decisions and have a positive impact on the production cycle.

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Easy setup

You are a few clicks away from improving your teams' workflow.

Easily integrated into your workflow

Scope is a code agnostic tool that adapts to your code development process. It automatically detects your repositories and starts giving you the valuable metrics you need to improve your workflow.

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Scope works where you do

In the Cloud or On-Premise.

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Measurable results

Read the success stories with our clients. Learn how teams improve with Scope.

Ivan Z1
Z1 Digital Studio

"The Velocity Panel helped us to improve our PR cycle time by reducing the time our engineers take to review other's work. We are using Scope as a metrics-oriented culture of communication and our engineers are more motivated gamifying their processes."

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Alberto Inveert

"With Scope, our team has increased its PR production cycle by 23%. The insights and statistics urge the teams to push more code and to review faster. A a Product Lead, Scope has also helped us to stablish better and secure goals based in our company reality."

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Antonio VyooTrip

"By going very fast, we were realizing that every time we produced the technical debt was increasing. By motivating the team to review more and better, the technical debt rate dropped dramatically. We are creating a better review culture thanks to Scope."

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