All your team insights in a single dashboard.

Measure developer productivity and analyze team performance by visualizing the data of code contributions.

Measure your team's productivity

Control what's happening within your company

Scope is a tool that allows you to measure developer impact on an organization. It creates visualizations based on how code contributions are performed, parametrizing cognitive and qualitative values over raw metrics.

Scope works with git Software Configuration Management (SCM) services. Our software reads the data stored in these services, reagroups them and then generates visual information to determine activity within a repository.

Track the developer impact
Boost your productivity

With Scope, you are able to evaluate the quality of the contributions to the code. Prevent bugs, avoid regressions, ship on time, fix your technical debt, and reward and hightlight people working behind the product. Scope enables you to better control the time invested in your daily tasks and be a much more efficient company.

Organize better your work
Encourage the use of good practices

With more control of the processes, solutions are more easily implemented. In Scope, we look to inspire the use of good practices within code crafting. We are able to increase your efficiency by better organizing your work habits. Get more peer reviews and improve your team workflow!

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